Friday, 15 January 2016


Renegades Assemble!

I'm part of the Yorkshire Renegades, a wargaming community filled with some of the finest chaps I've met. A few of the guys are resurrecting their old blogs in effort to encourage working through the backlog. I thought I'd get involved and here we are: my first ever blog post!

I play various games such as Warhammer 40k, Batman Miniatures Game, Bolt Action, X-Wing and I also have the AvP and Halo Fleet Battles games to crack on with! Not only will I (hopefully) blog about those games though I will also feature some of my other nerdy hobbies such as videogaming, action figures and construction toys (LEGO and similar branded toys).

Hopefully this will be the start of something glorious!

To start with, I use the Court Of Owls gang in Batman Miniatures Game and they have just announced a second set of miniatures. I love the Court, aesthetically, thematically and mechanically they just do it for me. My only problem with Knights Models take on them has been the lack of diversity, as they can't team up with any other miniatures unless they are part of the Court Of Owls gang. This meant that their 300 point gang was always the same guys, played the same way.

These new releases have a new, cheaper leader and three new henchmen. Aesthetically they look fantastic. Great sculpts, posing and design, I love that these three new henchmen look more uniform in their appearance. The world of larger point games and more varied gangs is now open to the Court.

Thanks guys,
See you next time.

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